Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sample Box Wars- Starbox (June '12) Electric Eyes

Hey Freaky People!  My June Starbox finally came a few days ago and it does NOT disappoint!  The products are meant to be worn together to create a cat eye look, but the colors are beautiful and can be worn in so many ways.  This box included (these as usual are all full size) an eyeshadow in the color Caracature, a Diamondline eye liner in the color Myth, a Precision Eye Definer (felt tip eyeliner) in Black, and to help you put it all together a small precision eye brush (I would call this a pencil brush).  I'm wearing the products in the video and I love the light smoky eye look you can get with the kit.  I especially love the eye shadow because it has an almost color changing effect.  Depending on how the light hits it, it could look gray, green, or pink.  In the video I call it a smoky opal color and I think that description fits perfectly.

All of this for the $15 price tag of the Starbox is absolutely incredible!  While future boxes may also include hair product or accessories because of the new lines that Starlooks is launching, each Starbox is going to have a minimum of 2 full size Starlook's makeup products per month.  It's the perfect sample box for us makeup lovers out there!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Dillard's Haul- plus size clothing and some jewelry!

Hey Freaky People!  Finally I had the time to shoot my first video for my second channel!  Yay!  Since this channel is going to be more personal than my Superfreaky1ru channel I thought this haul was the perfect place to start.  After all, all these items speak to my own personal style and that says a lot about who a person is.  I hope you all enjoy, and I would love it if you would stop by my 2nd channel and subscribe!

My new channel is named Superfreaky1RU2.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bobbi Brown- Instant Pretty Kit and FOTD!

Hey Freaky People!  I'm so happy to be able to make videos again!  This first one is about my very first Bobbi Brown purchase.  I figured I had to put on makeup to film anyways, so I might as well try it out before I returned it.  I was so upset when it came and it was so small for the price.  But sometimes you do get what you pay for, and I can't believe how such a pretty look can be achieved with such little product!  I'm keeping it for sure!

Bobbi Brown 7 piece Instant Pretty Collection-

My kit is in Sand, which was the 2nd lightest color choice.  I am light with pink undertones.  In the presentation, Bobbi said that most people would need either the beige or natural (if they are tanned for summer).  

Starlooks Precision Eye Definer Pen- (look for my upcoming review of my June Starbox which includes this product and more!

FTC Disclaimer-  I bought this kit with my own money.  All opinions given in this video are mine and I have never been paid for a review.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Friday, February 24, 2012

Sample Box Wars Spolight- Beauty Army Jan/Feb "12

Hey Freaky People!  Here's the next installment of my Sample Box Wars Spotlights, this on the first two months of the new sample box company Beauty Army.  As a whole, I really enjoy these boxes.  I was very worried that month 2 would drop off in quality as other new companies have done but I haven't seen that at all.

Beauty Army is not the first company to say that they focus on luxurious packaging (Gogogirlfriend was a big fail on that one) but they absolutely deliver 100% and I've got to give them the prize for having the nicest sample box packaging out there.  I will find good uses for every single one of these boxes.

It's not all roses, though.  Beauty Army's sample sizes that are shown on their website when you choose your samples differed in a few cases in my second box and while I absolutely think the box is worth every penny, the differences in some cases are big.  One sample I got said the sample size was 1fl oz but it couldn't have been more than .25fl oz.  If they were so confident about their boxes, then why fudge the sample sizes so people would think that they were getting more for their money?  I guess because they thought no one would notice, and unfortunately I seem to be the only one that did!  But Beauty Army, if you're reading this...your boxes are really great so far, let them stand on their own merit.

To sign up for Beauty Army-
$12 monthly for a choice of 6 of 9 samples

Products Mentioned-
 MyFace Blingtones eyeshadow
LaRocca Shield Multi Active Lip Balm
La Rocca 24k exfoliating facial cleanser
Strivectin Get Even Brightening serum
Chella anti fatigue eye mask kit
MAD Skincare Youth Transformation Age Corrective Serum
Lift Lab lift and firm eye cream
Joico K-Pak Revitaluxe hair mask
Indie Lee The Body Scrub
Mama Mio Boob Tube bust and neck firmer
Nia24 uva/uvb sunscreen

Thursday, February 23, 2012

IT Cosmetics- Complexion Perfection Superstars Haul and Review

Hey Freaky People!  This is a review I filmed a few weeks ago for the IT Cosmetics 4 piece Complexion Perfection Superstars kit that is available for purchase at QVC.  At the time I filmed it it wasn't still available, but it's since been restocked which is great because it's an amazing set!  Obviously I love the brushes because as you can see I pretty much pet one throughout the whole video like it's a puppy!  I don't talk about the Bye Bye Pores finishing powder a lot in the video but I just wanted to add that if you have super dry skin it can be drying so a good moisturizer is recommended just before you put on your face primer.  It's worth the extra effort because it fills in your pores so nicely making your face look so smooth!  

Link to set on QVC-

Link to complete list of IT Cosmetics on QVC-|0|48|1|1

Link to IT Cosmetics Website-

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sample Box Wars-Julep Maven Spotlight & Mystery Box Reveal

Hey Freaky People! So I've been testing out this new sample box program called Julep Maven for a few months now. I'd heard about it in the fall but at $19.99 per month I wasn't sure if it was worth it because I have a serious addiction to nail polish and I knew that even though I knew there would be more coming every month it would do nothing to slow down my considerable weekly polish binges. But I had the opportunity to get my first box for just 1 penny and there was no obligation to continue on after that. $40 worth of nail polish for a penny?! I couldn't say no! But when it came time to cancel before I got charged the full $19.99 I realized that I didn't want to. The products are really great! Not only do I love the colors, but they are a dream to work with. They are thick and spread evenly and on some of them you can get total opacity in just one coat! As much as I adore my OPI's, China Glaze's, and Essie's, most times I wouldn't think about putting on that topcoat until I have at least 2 coats, probably 3. So I kept the service, knowing that because of their lenient policies that I can always skip a month or two if my drugstore polish purchases get out of hand. It's a decision I haven't questioned in the month's since and one that I actually feel good about every time a stranger stops me on the street to ask about my nails. And they do. A lot.

If you have the nail polish bug like me, it definitely a service that you must check out. For an extra added bonus, from now until the end of February use the code SHAREONFEB and get your first box for only $1. And like with my first box, there's no obligation to continue. But be aware, after you try the products you will probably want to do so anyways!

Link to signup for the Julep Maven Program-

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